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A Natural Way To Boost Bedroom Performance

Erectin Male Enhancement Gummies are designed to help you perform on-demand, whenever that special moment strikes. Inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning research on Nitric Oxide (NO), our fast-acting NO-boosting formula is made with ingredients that improve blood flow within 30 minutes, helping you produce harder erections quickly.

Plus, we included scientifically-proven ingredients shown to improve blood flow circulation around-the-clock, for up to 24-hours. This gives you the performance “power” to make love with more confidence, even if you took a dose earlier in the day.

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Backed By Nobel-Prize Winning Research

If you’re struggling with erection problems, then you already KNOW the issue is blood flow. And that’s because erections are caused by blood pumping to your sexual member, but… when there’s a lack of blood flow, achieving an erection becomes difficult and staying hard becomes nearly impossible.

So what causes low blood flow in the first place?

This question puzzled scientists for years.

But in 1998 that all changed. In fact, three researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery – a breakthrough that would transform science and medicine forever – and answer the blood flow dilemma.

What they uncovered was the exciting truth that Nitric Oxide (a special molecule in your body) is responsible for blood flow.

Essentially, the MORE nitric oxide you have in your body… the BETTER your blood will circulate throughout your entire body, including your penis!

Nitric Oxide Is The “Sex Molecule” That Opens The Floodgates Of Blood Flow

Nitric oxide is considered a “messenger” molecule because it signals your blood vessels to open wide. When this happens, blood rushes throughout your entire body, including your male member!

Here are the amazing sexual benefits of nitric oxide:

  • Get Hard FASTER
  • Produce HARDER Erections
  • Enjoy LONGER-LASTING Intercourse
  • Boost SEX DRIVE
  • Increase Sexual PERFORMANCE

Nitric Oxide Levels Decline With Age Causing Embarrassing Sexual Issues (Especially for men over 30!)

Did you know 1 out of every 3 men struggle with erection problems in the USA? That’s HUGE. It means over 40,000,000 Americans are suffering from frustrating sexual issues. Bedroom problems that are ruining sex lives and sadly, destroying marriages every single day.

So what’s the main cause of erection and sexual performance problems?

Low nitric oxide.

And unfortunately, nitric oxide levels in men start to decline by age 30. And startling research now shows that men in their 70s can lose up to 50% of their nitric oxide. That’s less than HALF of the sex molecule for producing throbbing hard, partner-pleasing erections.

Here are the sexual “Red Flags” of low Nitric Oxide:

  • Trouble getting hard
  • Difficulty staying hard
  • Weak, soft erections
  • Unable to satisfy partner sexually
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Loss of morning wood
  • Low sexual energy

Beets Are One Of The World’s Most Powerful Nitrates For Boosting Nitric Oxide Levels At Any Age

Nitrates are natural compounds found in foods like beets. And beets happen to be one of the most powerful sources of nitrates in the world. Why does that matter?

Because nitrates do something very special by converting into nitric oxide. Simply put, consuming nitrates from beets can help improve your nitric oxide levels dramatically, quickly, and naturally.

But there’s one BIG problem…

You see, if you want to get the nitric oxide boosting benefits of beets, you’d have to eat them every day, by the plateful! Which sounds like an absolute nightmare if you hate the taste of beets. And even if you enjoy eating them, are you really going to eat heaping servings of beets every single day?

Thankfully, you don’t have to stuff your face with mountain-high bowls of beets every day to reap the amazing sexual enhancing benefits. Because Erectin® Male Enhancement Gummies makes consuming beets not only EASY, but TASTY too!


INTRODUCING: Erectin® Male Enhancement Gummies

Our 100% Rapid-Erection Breakthrough Formula Made With Beets & Six EXTRA Nitric Oxide Boosting Ingredients

Erectin® Gummies are a simple, easy way to help you achieve harder erections fast. The ingredients are backed by scientific studies, including Nobel Prize winning research. Plus, they taste good too!

  • On-Demand Bedroom Performance
  • Produce Harder Erections
  • Enjoy Longer-Lasting Erections
  • Boost Sex Drive

Achieve Longer Lasting Erections


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Scientifically Proven To Boost Blood Flow In 30 Minutes

Multiple studies report the nitrates in beets help improve blood flow F-A-S-T.

How fast?

  • In 2010, a study published in the Journal Nitric Oxide found consuming 250 ml of beetroot juice increased plasma nitrate levels by 21% after 45 minutes.
  • In 2011, a study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition found consuming 100 ml of beetroot juice significantly increased nitric oxide levels in both men and women after 45 minutes.
  • And yet another study in 2012, published in The Journal of Physiology found that consuming 500 ml of beetroot juice increased plasma nitrate levels by 50% after 45 minutes.

But it gets even better.

The amazing truth is there are breakthrough studies showing that beets can boost nitric oxide levels even FASTER.

For example:

A 2013 study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that consuming 500 ml of beetroot juice increased plasma nitrate levels by 20% after just 30 minutes.

And with Erectin® Gummies you get the rapid nitric-oxide boosting nitrates of beets, PLUS six additional ingredients scientifically proven to boost this amazing “sex” molecule!

Don’t Be Surprised When… Your Partner Starts Calling You “The Man of Steel” In Bed

Just imagine the shock and delight on your partner’s face if they’d see a throbbing hard erection FULLY READY to please and satisfy your partner like the first night you made love!

Stay Hard Longer, Until You’re BOTH Fully Satisfied

Don’t let the pain of going “soft” mid-way through the action destroy your sex life any longer without fighting back. You deserve POWERFUL blood flow gushing directly to your love-maker for fun hot sex all-night-long.

Get Your Sexual Confidence Back

Feeling anxious about your sexual performance? Don’t sweat it! With Erectin® Gummies up your sleeve you’ll feel completely confident in your ability to get hard and satisfy your partner’s deepest sexual desires.

Feel Your Sex Drive Surge More Like A Teenager Again

The amazing part about Erectin® Gummies is that it could also help boost your libido because studies show beets improve 24-hour blood flow circulation which is critical for shifting your sex drive into TOP-GEAR!

2X The Nitric Oxide Boosting Power!

Erectin® Gummies are unlike anything you may have tried before because this powerful rapid-erection-hardening breakthrough boosts nitric oxide levels using 2 unique pathways (in your mouth and in your gut).

This gives you 2X the nitric oxide boosting POWER.

Which is important to know because pills can ONLY boost your nitric oxide levels in one way, via the gut.

And as you know, nitric oxide is the “key” for achieving rock hard erections that last all night long for amazing, unforgettable sex your partner will brag to their friends about. So boosting your nitric oxide levels in 2 ways is TWICE as effective!

Erectin® Gummies are designed to boost your Nitric Oxide levels through two unique pathways in both your mouth and gut

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Made with 7 Scientifically Studied Nitric Oxide Boosting Nutrients

Erectin® Gummies are made with 7 scientifically proven ingredients for boosting erection-hardening nitric oxide. This formula is 100% natural and made with a natural pomegranate flavor.

Bottles of Erectin Gummies
Beet Root

Scientifically known as Beta Vulgaris, beetroot is a vibrant vegetable belonging to the Chenopodiaceae family. Beets are believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region back about 4,000 years ago. These versatile veggies have a rich history of both culinary and medicinal applications. Beetroots offer a range of potential benefits, including blood pressure regulation, enhanced exercise performance, quicker athletic recovery, antioxidant properties, and support for digestive health. This root is rich in nitrates which convert into nitric oxide, a vasodilator that relaxes and widens blood vessels, enhancing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. This nutritional powerhouse supports everything from your cardiovascular health to your workouts and even your romantic moments.

Grape Seed

Grape seed extract is shown to enhance endothelial function, relaxing blood vessels, improving blood flow, and regulating blood pressure. Studies on grape seed extract have indicated potential cardiovascular benefits, promoting heart health and reducing inflammation. These benefits may also extend to erectile function, supported by research showing enhanced nitric oxide production and antioxidant effects. Grape seed extract is rich in nutrients, including omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, and bioactive compounds like antioxidants and proanthocyanidins.

Amino Acid Blend: L-Citrulline, L-Arginine

L-arginine is a unique amino acid that your body partially produces on its own but also relies on dietary sources. You can find it in various protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. It reduces blood pressure, enhances blood flow, boosts the immune system, and improves exercise performance. Plus, this amino acid influences sexual health by increasing blood flow to the genitals, relaxing blood vessels, and boosting erectile function.

L-citrulline, a non-essential amino acid, occurs naturally in the body and in certain foods like watermelon, pumpkin, and cucumbers. The body converts l-citrulline into l-arginine, which then becomes nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has various vital functions, including widening blood vessels, enhancing blood flow, and supporting muscle function. Studies demonstrate L-citrulline’s benefits for sexual health, with improvements in erectile function, libido, and reduced fatigue.

Vitamin C + Vitamin B12 + Niacin

Vitamin C, scientifically known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin essential for human health. In fact, Vitamin C was discovered in the early 20th century, with traditional uses related to improving overall health. The amazing benefits include increasing intercourse frequency and mood in men, improving blood flow, and maintaining healthy blood vessels.

Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is another essential water-soluble vitamin found in animal products. Humans cannot produce it, so it must be obtained from the diet. Discovered in the 1920s, vitamin B12 benefits include improving nerve function, cognitive function, energy levels, and mood. It also affects nitric oxide production, which improves blood flow and has been linked to improvements in erectile function, libido, and sperm quality.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is an essential nutrient crucial for various bodily functions. It is naturally found in a range of foods, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and plant-based sources. Benefits include improved sexual function, such as enhanced erectile function, increased libido, reduced sexual fatigue, and improved orgasm intensity and duration, which are attributed to its ability to enhance blood flow and vasodilation.

Third Party Tested Certificate of Analysis

“On Demand” Performance With 24 Hour Blood Flow Circulation


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Research Shows The Ingredients Are Also Good For Your Heart… Blood Pressure… Brain Health… Energy Levels… and MUCH More!

Amazing research reveals nitric oxide is packed with incredible health benefits. In fact, with more nitric oxide zooming through your body you could start feeling rejuvenated, energized and mentally sharp throughout your day.

Erectin Gummies
  • Maintain Blood Pressure
  • Support Heart Health
  • Promote Better Exercise Performance
  • Strengthen Immune System Performance
  • Enhance Cognitive Function
  • Boost Daily Energy Levels

As Easy As 1-2-3?

Step 1

Step #1 Take Erectin® Gummies When You’re Ready For Intercourse

Step #2 Feel Them Go To Work Within 30 Minutes

Step 2
Step 3

Step #3 Enjoy On-Demand Performance When You’re Ready

Get Out of Your Head & Start Performing Better In Bed, RIGHT NOW!

When a guy is dealing with frustrating erection problems it can consume his every thought. Worry, stress, anxiety grip the core of his being because he’s scared of losing his ability to perform. Leaving him stuck in an unfulfilled, sexless relationship, or worse, completely alone, never feeling the pride and satisfaction of sexually pleasing a lover ever again.

Bottom line:

Erection problems are a nightmare.

And unfortunately, research shows, year after year, nitric oxide levels decline in men. Which decreases energy levels, sex drive and erection function NON-STOP.

So without making a serious decision to take action against declining nitric oxide levels, the pain, humiliation and ego-shattering emasculation won’t stop.

Erectin Gummies - Surprised Man

Thankfully, you can fight back!

You can choose to take action right now, by trying a simple rapid bedroom-performance-enhancing breakthrough backed by Nobel-Prize-winning science helping you deliver the most intense, pleasurable moments of your partner’s sexual life.

Think about it: What would it feel like to possess the POWER to perform on-demand, with partner-pleasing erections that would help you satisfy ANYONE you take to bed? How amazing would that be?

Are you ready to start enjoying your sex life to the fullest?

Try Erectin® Gummies today, RISK-FREE, with our incredible money-back guarantee.

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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed You Either LOVE It Or Your Money Back

Don’t let erection issues control your life any longer. Try Erectin® Gummies yourself with this incredible NO-RISK offer:

Simply order Erectin® Gummies today. When you do, you’ll have 67 days to “test drive” this incredible formula in your bedroom. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply send back the container(s) within 67 days for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked. Sound fair?

But when you’re achieving harder erections, faster and easier than before…

And your sex drive is flying off the charts reminding you of your teenage years…

You’ll thank your lucky stars you tried Erectin® Gummies today!

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Erectin Gummies - 67 days Guarantee

Do You Have Any Questions About Erectin® Male Enhancement Gummies?

As you know, beets contain a special compound called nitrates that, when consumed, convert into nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is the “sex molecule” that boosts blood flow directly to your penis for achieving hard erections. So…

Can’t you just eat beets and get the same benefits?

Sure. It’s possible. But you’d have to eat a TON of beets. And not just once a week, every single day. So if you don’t absolutely LOVE the flavor of beets, this might not sound too appealing.

And even if you do like beets… what are the chances you’re going to eat a heaping bowl full of beets every single day?
Luckily, with Erectin® Gummies, consuming beets daily in another form is not only possible… it’s a delicious and simple option for helping improve erection hardness, sexual performance and your overall sex life. Plus…

Our 100% natural formula contains NO artificial flavors. That’s because Erectin® Gummies are made with 100% natural pomegranate flavor - which makes them so tasty.

And don’t forget:

This breakthrough formula is made with beets PLUS 6 additional nitric oxide boosting ingredients for dramatic results FAST.

Here’s Why Researchers Believe Nitric Oxide, the “Sex Molecule” Is The “Key” For Powerful Erections

"Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that plays a key role in erectile function.”

Dr. David S. Feldman,
Director of the Men's Health Center at Boston University

“Nitric oxide is essential for normal erectile function”

Sexual Medicine

“Nitric oxide plays a key role in penile erection”

“Nitric oxide plays a key role in penile erection”

In fact, there are over 120,000 studies published on the wonderful health benefits of nitric oxide. Not to mention, the discovery of nitric oxide as a messenger molecule that alerts the body to send blood to the male reproductive organ to achieve an erection WON the Nobel Prize in 1998!

Bottom line: Boosting your nitric oxide levels could be the best thing you do for your sex life, and Erectin® Gummies makes it dead simple, anyone can do it!

No. Our formula does not contain any CBD. In fact you’ll be happy to know our formula does not contain any of the following:

  • No CBD
  • No GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Allergen Free
  • No preservatives
  • No lactose
  • No yeast
  • No fish or shellfish
  • No peanuts or tree nuts
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No synthetics

Yes. In fact, we encourage daily use of Erectin® Gummies for the best results. That’s because our formula is designed to boost 24-hour blood flow circulation improving your ability to perform on-demand. This way you won’t feel caught off guard when the moment strikes. But of course, our formula is also designed to significantly boost blood flow within 30 minutes so you can also use them “strategically” to make that magic moment extra special.

There are no reported negative side-effects. Our formula is 100% natural and does not contain any synthetics or stimulants.

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